"Contact Vector, an extraordinarily pretty SpaRTS" - Rock Paper Shotgun

"There arent enough good, tactical cap ship combat games out there right now I think, but thankfully, a new contender has come along" - Space Game Junkie

"I myself am pretty excited about Contact Vector" - Death By Beta

"fire as many missiles as you can as fast as you can and watch the excellent carnage unfold" - cliqist.com

"This is what a next gen RTS looks like" - Burke Black, Online Gaming

"Play it and remember to get involved in the kickstarter project! Its well worth it." - chimps at play

Contact vector is a real time and turn based strategy game set in space. Its main focus is the control of single and groups of ships in tactical combat.

We are working hard to make commanding your ships as fun and intuitive as possible, so it's not how fast you are with a keyboard or a mouse that will matter, but what strategy you have decided to use.

You will be able to maneuver your ships and give sequences of orders, allowing you to conceive and create intricate and devious plans to take down your opponents.

For more detailed information on the tactics and gameplay please have a look at the info section.

We are looking to fund the creation of Contact Vector so please visit our Kickstarter. Any contribution you would like to give to help make Contact Vector a reality is greatly appreciated by our small team.

Please check out our style demo. While the gameplay will be very different it should give you a feel for the universe and the ships. You can also enjoy spamming out missiles at your enemies while not having to worry about ammunition!