What's in the demo?

Its finally here, a new playable interactive demo for Contact Vector. The demo includes the basic combat mechanics and ship movement.

We have designed the demo to give you a taste of whats to come in Contact Vector as we continue to develop the game, you wont have to worry about ammo or ship load outs we have given you everything! so take advantage to play with the overpowered ship load outs.

Place, move pause time and giver orders of control ships directly in pitched combat using several different missiles and energy weapons. Adjust electronic warfare and drones to defend your ship while maneuvering for the best shots on your enemy.

What isn't in the demo?

Well a whole bunch of stuff. This is a super early build of the game, there are a whole raft of other features to go in and improvements for existing ones. The demo is at the star system scale where you will be fighting battles, the grand campaign will take place on a galactic map of star systems where fleets and task groups will be formed and moved along with supply ships and scouts.

We haven't optimized the game at all so there are a lot of things that are likely to slow you down. We decided to give you access to everything in basically unlimited quantities so add hundreds of ships at your own risk :)